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Who we are and what we're about

First and foremost we're interested in making a positive contribution and difference to our world.

We focus on learning, potential and creativity. We help people and organisations make the most of their talents and potential by working with them in a variety of ways such as one to one coaching, team building and coaching, facilitating meetings, consultancy assignments, short workshops and longer formal programmes to develop effective and inspirational leaders.

We use a number of proven techniques to help us help and inspire you with the emphasis being on identifying potential and playing to your individual and collective strengths. And because we know that people learn through their experiences and making sense of these, we aim to make our work with you challenging, stimulating, experiential and enjoyable - kind of "original" we hope.

Our model is simple. We are a small band of people and associates who have all got many years of experience in what we do and we come together in combinations to meet your needs. Our associates include senior leaders, executive coaches, actors, artists, story tellers, facilitators and learning designers. We share common values and fundamentally enjoy working together.

We're also on the lookout for original creativity and have links with some other individuals and organisations whose work is creative and whose principles align with ours. From time to time we support and sponsor original work and projects such as exhibitions, plays and events.

Original Talent

releasing potential

developing leaders

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